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The Fund Purifier

Make any fund halal — from the S&P500 to ARKK.

Built by a team from

How it works

Turn any equity ETF halal, in just 3 steps:

Step 1: Pick a non-compliant fund you’d like to filter.
Step 2: Exclude individual stocks, or bulk-remove all non-halal ones.
Step 3: Choose whether you’d like to track changes to the fund. (Yes, that’s it!)

By buying the stocks individually, the Fund Purifier ensures you’re just buying halal stocks.

Buying 200+ stocks by hand is impractical — but the Fund Purifier does it instantly! And, with zero commission trades, it won't cost you anything either.

What happens if the fund changes? The Fund Purifier tracks changes to the underlying fund, and automatically updates your copy.

For Muslims

Halal filters, built right in

A fund can have hundreds of stocks, and screening them manually is tedious.

That’s why Amal automatically screens out non-compliant stocks from any fund — with just one click.

Life's too short to check hundreds of stocks by hand. Leave it to us to keep your portfolio compliant.

0% expense ratio (really!)

By owning the underlying stocks directly, you can track any fund without the expense ratio!

Passive halal ETFs (e.g. SPUS, HLAL) charge you 0.5% a year — that’s 20 times more than Vanguard! Now skip the fees and still invest in line with your beliefs.

Do you know how much ETFs really cost you?
Find out →

This is a game-changer.. If you're invested in halal ETFs, you stand to save thousands over the long term! Can’t wait for everyone to try this..

Yazin Alirhayim
Founder, Amal

And it gets even better..

No slippage when buying/selling

Halal funds trade with low volumes. That means buying & selling even modest amounts results in poor pricing, despite the underlying stocks being some of the most liquid in the world! Buying individual stocks directly means you get better pricing.

You'll pay less in taxes

Owning the underlying stock allows you to save on taxes by matching your capital gains from well-performing stocks with losses from non-performing ones. Amal tracks this automatically in year-end tax statements.


Unlike other investing apps, we don’t charge a %-based fee (that gets bigger the more you invest).

It’s just a flat-monthly fee to help cover costs.

Lifetime discount
The first 100 users to sign up get lifetime access for just $4/month:
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What’s included:
  • Fund Purifier, zero expense funds
  • Unlimited trades, commission free
  • Model Portfolios, great for starting
  • Zakat calculation, auto-generated
  • and much more…


When will Amal Invest launch?
We're currently undergoing a private beta test with up to 100 users. We're planning the official launch in Q4 of 2021, inshallah.
What countries will Amal support?
We plan to operate globally from Day 1, with support for 150+ countries across the globe. Sign up above to receive an update when Amal launches (and a lifetime discount too!)
What's the story behind Amal Invest?
Amal is an investing app built by Muslims, for Muslims. Most investing apps provide general features that appeal to the majority of users. Unfortunately, this leaves out Muslims — placing the burden of complying with their beliefs on the individual.
We're changing that. With a solution designed for Muslims, we're building features that no generic provider can match. From built-in halal screening to automatic zakat calculation, Amal is a world-class investing solution that exclusively serves Muslims.
Does the Fund Purifier work with active ETFs (e.g. ARKK) that update daily?
The Fund Purifier uses public disclosures made to the SEC to trigger rebalances. The SEC mandates holdings disclosures on at least a quarterly basis for US-domiciled ETFs, in addition to mutual funds.
Most funds, however, make these disclosures more frequently, albeit on their own channels. ARKK, for instance, publish their holdings daily via their website. For popular funds, Amal Invest tracks this additional data and updates the purified holdings for you automatically, on a daily basis.
We cannot guarantee that this treatment will be available to all active funds, but it is available to the ARK family of actively managed ETFs: ARKK, ARKQ, ARKW, ARKG, ARKF and ARKX.
Will the fund Purifier work with my existing brokerage account?
No, the Fund Purifier is only available to Amal Invest users. Signing up is quick, and easy, and offers you access to many other features including built-in halal screening, yearly automataed zakat calculation and more.
How does the lifetime discount work?
Pretty much how you'd expect it to. When Amal launches, you'll sign up with the same email address — and automatically unlock your preferred pricing tier. As long as your account remains active, you'll only pay the reduced fee. It's our way of saying thank you for showing us your early support!
Can you guarantee that the performance of the cloned fund will match that of the original fund?
No. While we typically reflect changes to the underlying fund within 1 business day of any public disclosure, we cannot guarantee that the performance of the cloned fund will match the underlying. However, in the long-term, we can reasonably expect the performance of the cloned fund to exceed that of the original due to the 0% expense ratio.
Is Amal Invest licensed as a brokerage firm? Can I trust Amal?
Amal Invest is in the process of attaining a full brokerage license from several jurisdictions. The public launch will only take place once we receive a full Financial Services Permission from a competent regulator.
Amal's also partnered with an SEC-licensed, FINRA-registered broker/dealer and custodian in the US. All your assets are held in the accounts of the licensed broker, except in transit between your account and the custodian.