Founding Typescript Engineer

About us

Amal's an investing app, built for Muslims.

Let's be real — there are plenty of investing apps out there. But the vast majority of them are trying to serve, well, everyone.

We're not.

We built Amal to help the billions of Muslims out there invest in line with their faith. You shouldn't need 3 different apps: one to check if a stock is halal, another to buy it and another to figure out your Zakat each year.

And can someone please explain why investing as a Muslim is so expensive? I mean 0.5%+ expense ratio for a passive ETF tracking the S&P500? It's 0.02% for the non-halal version — 25 times cheaper!

I mean, this is the primary investment vehicle for the vast majority of Muslims. My family, possibly yours — and those of millions of other Muslims!

It's personal.

We're a fast-growing YC-backed startup, that started less than a year ago, and we want to fix this. We're still in the earliest innings of a long-term mission.

About the Job

This is the most senior technical role at Amal. The most complex part of our stack is the backend — it's where we sync up with our trade execution partners, track portfolio performance and process corporate actions.

It's the brains of the operation, and one that needs to scale as we build more features to help us serve our Muslim brothers and sisters.


A difficult part of working for an early stage startup is that it requires alot of experimentation to figure out the things that work.

This means that requirements aren't fixed, and we'll often end up changing entire sections of the product shortly after designing it — while also supporting customers using the existing featureset.

This requires some flexibility, both in how software is architected — but also in the person doing the architecting. It's a delicate balance between designing for scalability, and desiging for flexibility.

About you

  • You're a strong individual contributor
  • You've got experience writing medium/large API-backed Typescript applications in production.
  • You're great at converting high level goals into code, and figuring out the details

To be clear, experience doesn't necessarily mean a certain number of years doing something. Even if you don't have many years under your belt, being able to show us a strong list of past projects you've made is more than enough to compensate.

What you might have done last month..

  • Create workers to sync corporate actions and performance calculations for client portfolios
  • Implement the 'rebalancing' features for portfolios that sells off investments that are above the target, and uses the resulting funds in buying up those that are below the target allocation

Things you won't have to do

  • A finance / investing background is NOT required. You won't need to figure out the correct way of calculating performance metrics, or design rebalancing strategies. These bits will be provided to you

Why you might want to work with us

  • You care about helping Muslims. You believe that life's too short to do things just for the money, and want to make a real impact.
  • The challenge of designing something from scratch excites you. Approaching a fresh problem can be uncomfortable, but the sense of accomplishment that comes after can be deeply satisfying to the right person.
  • You want to work at a high growth startup. We're a Y Combinator-backed startup that's shooting for the moon. We want to serve as many of the 100m+ Muslim investors out there are we can — and we haven't even started


We're looking for someone great, not someone cheap. If you're expensive but amazing, we'll make it work.

Keep in mind that your compensation will include a substantial equity portion; we want you to have a meaningful stake in the business so that you get a piece of the upside.

How to apply

Please write something from scratch that tells us why we're a great fit for each other and what you see the future being like if we work together.

Email it to [email protected]