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No charts, no prices, no trading. It’s remarkable what you end up with when you stop trying to build for “everyone”.
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Our Story

Most "investing" apps — they're really just trading apps. They expect you to know exactly what letters to type so you can retire rich.

The best of them do a bit more: they "educate" you. Like, here, spend hours upon hours learning, and maybe someday you'll get the hang of it.

Let's be real … most of us just don't have the time, or the interest to do all that work.

Why does investing have to be so hard?
*It doesn't* —>

The problem is that "education" is the lazy answer. Instead of solving the problem (why's investing complicated in the first place?), it throws a guide book at you. Change everyone else, instead of just fixing what's broken — the product.

What if we just fix the tools we give people, instead of rushing to "educate" them? Tools that give you room to learn on your own time, if you feel like it. And don't if you don't.

What if we designed an app for investing, not trading?
Guess what? We built it! —>

I can't wait to show you what we came up with!

No trading screen. No charts. An app that makes it easy for complete beginners to apply the best investing practices out there. But also one that gives more advanced users room to make their own picks.

This is the app I *wish* existed when I first started my investment journey.

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— Yazin (Founder @ Amal)
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